Alberobello's trulli star in series loved by children around the world

15 February 2024

1 minute

The trulli of Alberobello

As if a place of honor on the UNESCO World Heritage list were not enough, for the past few years the trulli of Alberobello have also been the darlings of children around the world. Accomplishing this magic is Trulli tales, the animated series that was the brainchild of Lecce sisters Maria Elena and Fiorella Congedo (with the family’s publishing house), produced by Rai Kids, Fandango and Congedo CulturArte and eventually launched by Disney in 113 countries.

Trulli tales adventures

Following the success of the first season, with 52 episodes translated into 21 languages, the second season of the saga made its screen debut in 2023, chronicling the adventures of “Trullallers” Ring, Zip, Stella and Sun, little wizard-chefs with magic wands shaped like kitchen utensils called upon to defend a precious cookbook from the evil Cobberpot.

It is not difficult to recognize in “Trullolandia,” the village of Trullalleri, the village of Alberobello with its typical Puglian dry-stone buildings and cone roof. A unique set design, which in the animated story becomes the absolute protagonist, giving shape to the characters.

Moving the narrative is a love for traditional cuisine and typical Puglian dishes, in which family secrets, Mediterranean culture and the bond between generations are enshrined.

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