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Create your own souvenir from Puglia

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Luogo:Galatina (LE)

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We always want to take home an object, often symbolic, as a memory of our travels.

With the “Create your own souvenir” workshop you can combine the creative experience with the memory of your trip to Puglia.

In this workshop you will be joined by the masters of the ancient artistic techniques of papier-mâché, screen printing and inlay, who will accompany you step by step in the creation of your personalized Apulian souvenir artifact.

Paper and glue, colors and fabrics, tiny wooden tiles are materials often defined as “poor”, but that the care and painstaking patience of our artisans elevate to one of the most representative “arts” of the Apulian territory. Don’t limit yourself to shopping: create an unforgettable gift yourself, for yourself or your loved ones!

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Galatina, LE, Italia

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