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Your journey through the tarantellas of Puglia: recovering a body memory with the pizzica pizzica

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Your journey through the tarantellas of Puglia: recovering a body memory with the pizzica pizzica

In the course of your life you have surely heard a hint of tarantella distractedly sung by your busy parents or grandparents at home, or come across a faded photograph of someone playing an ancient musical instrument, or have memories of an old tambourine with rusty rattles hanging on the walls of your village home. Well, the journey we are proposing for you to rediscover your Puglian roots also involves learning about the musical repertoires and traditional dance of Puglia.

The tarantella, the pizzica pizzica and other old-time music and dances: this is deeply rich heritage of oral culture, with infinite variations by territorial area, country, performer, with styles, gestures and postures that hint at the history and life of this territory, its people and communities.

Workshops on pizzica pizzica, tarantella, traditional dance

With our “roots workshops on traditional dance in Puglia,” led by a professional dancer trained in socio-anthropological research on musical and choreographic heritages of oral culture, you can rediscover the local tarantella, the pizzica pizzica. It animated the festive moments of your ancestors, in the walls of the house huddled around the fireplace, as in the stone farmyards where people gathered at the end of a summer day of work in the countryside. Rediscovering one’s roots also means recovering the memory of dancing bodies.

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Puglia, Italia

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